We bring women together in outdoor settings to enjoy nature, outdoor activities, and the camaraderie of other women. Leave your problems at home for a few hours or even a few days. Then you can return healthier, happier, and with a renewed ability to take on everyday life.

What is Outdoor Connection? Outdoor Connection is a group for adult women that enjoy getting together for hiking, athletic walking, participating in races, camping, and additional fitness or outdoor activities. Originally founded in 2007 as a group for walkers, we have morphed over the years to include more hiking and a variety of other outdoor activities. Many of our activities are right here in town! If you like spending time outside, getting in a good workout, and making new friends you will enjoy this group.

Where is Outdoor Connection located? We are based in Dallas Texas. We visit many trails around the DFW area. Some of our favorites include White Rock Lake, Cedar Ridge Preserve, River Legacy Park, Northshore Trail at Lake Grapevine, Eagle Mountain Lake, and more. We walk both paved trails and natural surface hiking trails. Occasionally we head out of town for a day hike or campout at one of the nearby state parks. We may also schedule additional types of outdoor, fitness, or social activities.

What activites are involved? Outdoor Connection began initially as a walking group. Over the years we added hiking, then more outdoor activities. We are open to most activities that involve exercise and socializing outdoors - hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, etc. We are currently growing and looking forward to new activities. Members choose which events they want to attend. You can view our calendar to get an idea of what we do. New events are added on a regular basis. (The full details of the events are only revealed to registered members.)

Who is this group for? Our target audience is women who enjoy being active in the outdoors. We welcome all physically capable adult women (ages 21 and up), regardless of race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Can I bring my dog? Dogs are not allowed at Outdoor Connection events.

Can I bring my kids? Our events are open to our registered group members only. All group members must be female and over the age of 21.

Why is the group not family or dog friendly? Our group is for adult women to enjoy each other's company and time to pursue their own physical fitness and outdoor interest. It's time to focus on yourself, focus on making long term friendships, and leave your usual responsibilities behind.

Can I bring my friends? We do not allow guest. Our events are open to our registered group members only. This insures that all participants receive accurate information about our group and our events.

How do I join? It's easy. We are on meetup. All you do to join is go to the meetup page and sign up. You will be required to answer a few questions and upload a recent photo of yourself into your profile. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR CALENDAR OR JOIN OUR GROUP

Is there a fee to join? We do not charge membership dues at this time. We do ask that members donate to help with the expense of running the group. We generally collect $10 from each member every January. We do expect members to pay all of their own expenses anytime we have activities with an associated cost. This includes things such as park entry fees, food, travel, lodging, etc.

What if I have read everything and I still have questions? You can contact us any time using the contact organizer option on our Meetup page or you can send us a message via our Facebook page for additional information.

Take the time out of your busy life and make a connection
- a connection to nature, to new friends, and most of all to yourself.